Opportunities in Auto Repair

From auto repair to sales, there are many different career opportunities in the automotive industry. If you aren’t sure what career to pursue, here are some of the most popular automotive careers you may want to consider in Fremont, CA.

Automotive Technician

Automotive technicians provide many of the most basic services regular vehicles require. From basic oil changes to tune-ups, you’ll spend your time performing tasks that ensure optimal vehicle function.

Car Mechanic

A car mechanic performs some of the services a technician offers. However, as a mechanic, you’ll also perform more complicated jobs, such as fixing electrical problems and replacing engines. You’ll need more training and skills than you would require if you became an automotive technician.

Car Sales

If you become a car salesperson, you won’t perform any auto repair services, but you’ll still be able to work with cars all day long. Instead of knowing all about engines and other interior car components, you’ll need to be well-versed in how a car performs and what its best aspects are. As a salesperson, you’ll get to interact with people all day, so it’s a great career opportunity to pursue if you’re naturally social.

Automobile Designer

Do you love analyzing the way different vehicle makes and models look? Are you a naturally creative person? If so, you may love a career as an automobile designer. This important job requires you to make decisions that impact future vehicle design. It’s a highly competitive career choice, so be prepared to work hard to stand out.

Service Writer

A service writer is the person who talks to you about the repairs your vehicle needs. They offer a communication bridge between technicians and customers. This might be the right career for you if you like working on vehicles but you also enjoy socializing with customers.

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