Solving Your Check Engine Light

Cat’s Automotive Repair--Stop Here For Check Engine Light Maintenance

Our cars have many different ways of talking to us. Sometimes it’s a high-pitched squeal when applying the brakes, and other times it’s a knocking sound under the hood. But the Check Engine Light is a form of silent communication. When it comes on, it shouldn’t take you long to notice the red light. However, it may take you longer than it should to find your way to Cat’s Automotive repair shop. We specialize in diagnosing your vehicle and finding out what’s causing your check engine light to come on. Our service is quick and convenient, yet always thorough and professional. Don’t wait too long to stop by our shop, because there’s no telling how much damage your continued driving could be doing. Check Engine Lights can be triggered for a number of reasons–from large and expensive-to-repair to small and free-to-fix. Too many drivers take a chance, and are slow getting their vehicle into our repair shop for a proper diagnosis. The reason is usually financial. Our customers should never worry about the expense of any maintenance or repairs, because we make them affordable. Once again, our goal is to serve you.

Our ASE certified technicians can shed more light on your vehicle’s condition. The problem isn’t always obvious, and inexperienced mechanics can do as much damage with a misdiagnosis as with a poor quality repair. The object isn’t just to make the light disappear. It’s actually to solve problems that are happening under the hood. A misdiagnosis will have mechanics “repairing” the wrong components, only to have you back in their shop a week later for the same Check Engine Light alert. Come to us first, and we’ll use decades of automotive expertise with Check Engine Light repairs to make sure everything’s fixed. We work efficiently and can usually fix your vehicle problems while you sit in our comfortable waiting area. Even in an instance where your repairs require more time.