Auto A/C Repair in Fremont, CA

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Cat’s Automotive Repair helps our customers stay cool and comfortable on the road in Fremont, CA and wherever their travels take them. From all over the tri-city area, drivers come to our team of experienced professionals for dire automotive problems — broken air conditioning systems! Nothing can (literally) dampen your driving experience faster than a failing AC system in the middle of summer. We’re here to ensure your commute doesn’t turn into an unintended trip to the sauna. When your car’s cabin is comfortable, your drive is much more enjoyable, so don’t delay when your AC stops performing its best! Visit our shop for fast and simple AC repair.

Stop Leaks!

When our customers pull into our shop for AC repair, there’s no time to lose. A broken down AC system leaks refrigerant, damages other components like the evaporator and compressor, and pollutes the environment. The sooner you visit our shop, the more trouble, time, and money you’ll save! Ignored damages will only worsen over time and you’ll end up with a higher repair bill for a more extensive job. That’s why we encourage drivers to visit our shop at the first sign of AC problems. It’s about more than just your comfort — your wallet and vehicle will thank you!

Signs You Need AC Repair

The Temperature in Your Car is Higher Than Normal

If the air blowing out of your vehicle’s vent is not as cold as it used to be, the refrigerant is not properly flowing through the system properly. Chances are, the compressor has failed or sustained damaged.

Loud Noises When Compressor Runs

Switch your AC on. Does it make a loud noise? This is another sign of a failing compressor caused by seized or damaged bearings. When bearings leak, you’ll hear high pitched squealing or grinding sounds.

Strange Smell

The air coming from your vehicle’s vents shouldn’t have any smell. A sweet smell could indicate a coolant leak, while a musty smell might mean there’s mold in the AC system. It’s best to get any smell checked out by a professional technician.

Schedule AC Repair

Have you noticed signs of failure with your vehicle’s AC system? If so, you have everything to gain by visiting our shop for fast repair. Improve your driving experience, cool down your car’s cabin, and avoid further damages and costly repairs by promptly addressing any problems that pop up. Cat’s Automotive Repair in Fremont, CA can help you stay cool with regular service to keep the system healthy and free from damage, leaks, or mold. We invite you to stop by our shop at 3710 Bonde Way, Suite 6 next time you are in the area. You can find us by Centerville Pioneer Cemetery. Call our shop at 510-358-8577 or use our online scheduling system to book AC repair today! We look forward to your visit!