RV Service and Maintenance

What is the Best RV Maintenance Schedule?

Why is a Maintenance Schedule Important for Your RV?

Your RV is likely to be one of the most expensive purchases you make in your life, often second only to your house, so you can understand why it’s so important to maintain your RV and catch issues while they’re small and before they become bigger, more expensive to repair problems. The team at Cat’s Automotive Repair understands the importance of regular maintenance and can help you with setting up a schedule to have your RV inspected and repaired as needed. Whether your RV has an engine (Class A, B, or C) or not, there are some maintenance tasks you need to perform at least once per year. If you have a Class A, B, or C RV, you’ll want to put your RV’s engine on a similar maintenance schedule as the one you have for your passenger vehicles. Oil Changes, filter changes, and fluid flushes and refills are just as–if not more–critical to the health of your RV’s engine as they are to the engine in your passenger vehicle. Consider the amount of weight your RV engine is pushing or pulling, and you’ll see why it’s critical to care for its engine.

Key Maintenance Tasks for Your RV

As noted above, there are many RV maintenance tasks that should be done regardless of whether you drive your RV or tow it. The first is to check the seams and roof of your RV for cracks and breaks. While the manufacturer of your RV has done everything in their power to seal the roof and seams against water leaks, the fact that your RV bounces down the same roads you drive on can crack seals and cause leaks, as can weather damage. Regular inspection for leaks can save you a lot of RV repairs that come from water leaks. You should tighten the lug nuts on your RV’s wheels and check the tire pressure before most trips. Properly inflated tires can cut down on the swaying and bouncing many RV owners notice when they drive or tow their RV. Check your RV batteries. Many RV batteries, both on the chassis and in the engine area, are charged using shore power while you’re hooked up. If you’re not hooked up, you’ll want to use something like a trickle charger to keep your battery charge fresh.

Come to Cat’s Automotive Repair

Whether you need RV repairs or passenger vehicle repairs, Cat’s Automotive Repair has the team to take care of your vehicle. Bring your RV or passenger vehicle to their location in Fremont, CA, for all your engine repair and maintenance services. The team will be happy to help you create and keep up with a maintenance schedule for your vehicles and will work hard to keep you safely on the road.