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Signs Your Car Needs A/C Repair Services--Cat’s Automotive Repair

Driving your car should be an enjoyable experience. But if your car is in need of heating or A/C repair, driving becomes less than comfortable. Next time your car is having trouble maintaining the right temperature, simply give the friendly team at Cat’s Automotive Repair a call–we’ve been specializing in providing top quality heating and auto A/C repairs for more than 30 years!

At Cat’s Automotive, we are committed to complete and exceptional customer service. Our ASE Certified techs are highly trained, and equipped with the latest technology and diagnostic equipment. This allows them to handle all of your auto heating and air conditioning repairs in Fremont! We can quickly fix heating and A/C systems in any make and model of car, truck, van, and SUV. In addition all of our auto repair services come backed by our 12 Month/12,000 mile warranty, so you can be confident you’re receiving quality service that lasts. If you drive an older classic, don’t worry. Cat’s Automotive is certified to service vehicles that require R-12 refrigerant – so your Sunday drive can be a nice and cool one.

While it can become pretty obvious if your automobile’s heating or air conditioning system isn’t working properly, some signs are more obvious than others. Our mechanics have come up with the following list of signs that you need to get your car’s A/C system checked out. If you notice any of these signs, or your car’s A/C hasn’t been serviced in a while, it may require repair, and should be brought to your trusted auto repair professionals at Cat’s Automotive Repair.

  • Your A/C only blows hot air.
  • Your A/C only blows cold air intermittently.
  • You notice an odd noise when you turn on your A/C.
  • Your front or rear defrosters are not working properly.
  • You notice and unusual smell coming from your air vents.
  • Your front floor mats are damp or wet.

Brutal summer heat and chilling winter weather can make driving without temperature control unbearable. Don’t suffer through harsh weather conditions without interior auto heating and A/C! Visit the auto A/C specialists at Cat’s Automotive Repair in Fremont today, and let us help you get back on the road feeling cool and comfortable.